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   ANTS: Animated Tutorial Sharing Project

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The Tutorial's Home: COPPUL DSpace

In order to make Animated Tutorials easy to identify and share, COPPUL librarians felt it was important to house all shared Tutorials in one location.  A home for these Tutorials was found in the spring of 2005 when the University of Calgary opened its Institutional Repository - DSpace - to the project.

DSpace is an Institutional Repository that can handle a wide variety of file types.  It also met all of the other standards set out for the Tutorials' home as it:

  • Is accessible to any librarian who registers with DSpace.
  • Is archival in quality.
  • Allows for the incorporation of Metadata
  • Is Searchable and Browseable

DSpace also contains a Creative Commons License that asks that all depositors make their creation publicly accessible as a condition of depositing any learning object in it.  In so doing the author retains copyright, but ensures that their creation remains in the Public Domain.  

Anyone wishing to learn how to use D-Space can do so by viewing Uploading Viewlets to the DSpace Shared Viewlet Database.  It will tell you how to register for D-Space, how to upload files, and how to subscribe to D-Space so you can be notified whenever new content is added.

Registering for D-Space

To register for D-Space go to and select Sign On to My DSpace.  If you do not have an account you will be prompted for information.  Follow the prompts and an account will be created for you.  If you wish to learn more about registering, please consult Uploading Viewlets to the DSpace Shared Viewlet Database

Including Relevant Metadata

In order to ensure that all relevant information about the Tutorial is included when you submit your Tutorial to DSpace, please ensure that the following information is included:

  • Author of the Tutorial
  • Name of the Tutorial
  • Name of the Database or E-book / E-journal Collection the Tutorial deals with.
  • Name of the Database Vendor
  • When it was Created / Updated
  • Keywords
  • Abstract
  • Description of the Tutorial
  • File Type
  • Optional Information such as Contact Information, Viewing Time and Intended Audience (i.e Undergrads)

DSpace will prompt you for most of this information whenever you upload your Tutorial and will also include a listing of the File Size.  What it will not prompt you for is any Optional Information,  Database/Collection Names  and  Vendor Information.  Consequently, this information  must be listed  in the Abstract or Description Fields. 


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